5 Ways to Save Energy this Summer

No it’s not your imagination. The cost of everything is rising. We wanted to help ease that burden so we came up with the top five things you can do this summer to save money on your energy costs.  These may seem easy and simplistic, but they work! Try them out and tell us if you see a difference.  Connected Technology can help you save even more—book your free estimate to learn how!

5 ways to save energy this summer
  1. Did you know that “standby power” accounts for about 10% of an average household’s energy usage? It’s as easy as turning off your power strips when you’re done working for the day, unplugging unused appliances, etc.  TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, radios and many other electronics use energy even when they aren’t turned on.  Going on vacation? Take the time to disconnect these phantom energy users before going away.

  2. Avoid using your oven. Cooking with a crock-pot or microwave is more energy-efficient than using your oven. Or you can take it outside to the grill. Maybe it’s time for more salads and sandwiches? Whatever keeps the heat out of the house and uses the least energy!

  3. Know when electricity peak hours are in your city so you can avoid energy usage during those times, as higher demand means higher prices. Be strategic with running the dishwasher and doing laundry. Maybe even hang those clothes to dry? 

  4. Is your thermostat programmable? Time to put that feature to work! Programming it to lower the temperature at certain times of the day (like when you’re at work or sleeping) can save you more than 15% on energy costs. Time to upgrade? We can help with that. 

  5. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the products we offer that help you save. Installing solar will get your off the dependence of rising energy costs. Including a battery backup system will store that excess energy to use when the sun goes down or in case the power grid gets shut down. The SPAN smart electrical panel controls all of your home energy from your phone. Tell where the energy usage is coming from and shut it down from anywhere. We’re continually looking for ways to help you save—money, time, energy and the environment.

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