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The Connected and Trusted "CAT" Plan

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CAT membership plan

You’ve just had your EV charger installed—now what about maintenance? We’ve got you covered. The Connected and Trusted (CAT) Plan offers you one membership to cover all items that we install. This includes a lifetime labor warranty, regular inspections and is fully transferable. 

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  • $7.77 per month *limited time price*
  • 7% off all services up to $500
  • $70 discount electrical diagnostics
  • Labor warranty for the duration of the membership
  • Includes a complete electrical safety inspection

    ee fine print below

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Fine Print:
(Yes, isn’t there always fine print? Find your reading glasses, grab a beverage and kick up your feet—you’ll be here for a minute or two.)

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This program is a membership program with benefits.  It does not extend warranties or guarantees for a set amount of time as you are able to cancel your membership at any time.  If you cancel your membership, any benefits including warranty benefits will end immediately upon cancellation.

1)  With your authorization, $7.77 per month will be charged to your credit card on the first of the month until you cancel your membership.  It is expected that you will remain a member for at least 12 months in order to obtain the benefits of the program.  You may cancel at any time, but if cancelled within the first 12 months, some balance may be owed as outlined below.

2)  You will be emailed a monthly invoice as a receipt for your monthly membership fees.  It is your responsibility to confirm that you have received the receipt.  If you do not, please contact our office immediately at 916-824-1800.

3)  If you cancel your membership within the first 12 months, you agree to pay the difference between any program discounts you received and the amount you have paid in membership fees to date. 

4)  If you cancel your membership within the first 12 months and have received the included home inspection, your credit card will be billed for the remainder of the first 12 months since the membership began.  For example, if you cancel your membership after month six, you will be charged for the remaining six months.

5)  If you cancel your membership within the first 12 months, the amount of discount owed and the charge for the home inspection as identified above will both be charged.  A receipt will be provided via email.

6)  The extended labor warranty will cover any repairs needed as a result of failed product or workmanship for as long as you are an active member.  This applies to items supplied by Connected Technology only and not to customer-supplied items.

7)  Extended warranty is a labor warranty only.  There may be a fee for the replacement of failed parts if beyond the standard one-year parts warranty or manufacturer’s warranty.  A small fee may apply to process the manufacturer’s warranty, shipping or other unexpected circumstances.

8)  Scheduling for home inspections is not a priority appointment and the inspection may occur at any time during the first 12 months.  The following year’s inspection will be scheduled at the completion of the first inspection.

9)  Details of the home inspection are attached and intended for educational purposes to assist you in making good decisions about the use of your electrical system and is not the basis for warranty or guarantee of performance of those products. 

10)  The performance of inspected items does not guarantee that the items inspected will not fail.  The inspection is an observation of the current state of the item and may not be an accurate prediction of future performance.  Connected Technology assumes no liability for inspected items.

11)  The 7% discount up to $500 only applies to the task code on the invoice which includes the labor.  It is not applied to permit fees, permit service fees or specific materials outlined on the invoice.

12)  The membership program, and therefore the extended warranty, can be transferred to a new owner or to a new home at no additional cost.

13)  The cost of the membership program may increase, but not more frequently than once per year.  This yearly date is not determined by your start date, but the fees for all participating members will increase at the same time.

The fine print:
(Yes, of course, isn’t there always fine print? Find your reading classes, grab a beverage and put your feet up, you’ll be here for a minute or two.)