Real-Time Energy Usage

The Sense Home Energy Monitor is installed in your home’s electrical panel and provides you real-time energy usage and detects inefficiencies (who left the lights on again??). 

Through an app on your phone, the monitor helps you set and track energy usage goals. Worrying if you left the iron on or if you closed the garage door is a thing of the past — the app will track everything and alert you to keep you safe, more efficient and ultimately save you money. The app lets you set up custom notifications and monitor usage 24/7. The monitor is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.  

Additionally, this energy monitoring device is especially useful to homeowners with solar installed to audit the production and usage to be sure they are getting the most out of their investment.

How does this incredible energy monitoring device work? The monitor takes current and voltage measurements over one million times every second. From this data, it learns the electrical signatures of individual devices.

Within the first week of installation, the monitor will find common devices that cycle on and off frequently, like your refrigerator or microwave, and over time detect other devices based on usage and habits. When tracking on the app, users can enter in their energy rates and the app will translate the current usage into real-time actual costs. 


Can you imagine the savings you can generate by alerts reminding you to turn appliances off or that help remind you to change your thermostat when you leave the house?

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