Whole House Surge Protector

Do you have an EV charger, expensive TV, smart home system, or a computer?  These appliances, and others, can be damaged by transient electrical spikes that often travel through our homes’ electrical wiring.  Whole house surge protectors are designed to protect these devices against damage from electrical spikes.  And they are backed by the manufacturers’ $25k guarantee!

Electrical spikes are not only caused by electrical events outside your home, but also by everyday activities within our homes.  Motors within our homes, like our heating and air system, dishwasher or laundry, often use a large amount of electricity and can create a significant impact on the homes’ electrical system.  Even our day to day activities, turning lights off and on, using a hair dryer, or opening the garage door, can have an impact as well.

These little surges create small amounts of damage to the circuits in our sensitive and often expensive electronic appliances.  With time, it can cause these devices to fail.

A whole house surge protector contains a sacrificial component that is damaged by these spikes and therefore “absorbs” the potential problem.  Traditionally, once the surge protector has absorbed too much, it needs to be replaced; an often expensive proposition.

Now, however, we are offering a whole house surge protector with easily replaceable cartridges so that you can keep your devices protected at all times.  And, don’t forget about that $25k warranty to replace your devices if the protector fails.  (Please review the manufacturers’ details before installation.)

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Whole House Surge Protection

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