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Connected Technology Brings the EV Revolution to Sacramento

October 3, 2018

CONTACT:  Bill Horbaly
Connected Technology
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ROCKLIN, CA — Today, for the first time in Sacramento, a new product was installed that allows electric vehicle (EV) owners, and potential EV owners, to overcome a previously daunting and expensive obstacle; the dreaded panel upgrade.

“When I started driving, I couldn’t imagine a day when gas would be over $1 per gallon. But now, I imagine a day when gas stations will be as rare as a blacksmith. The EV revolution has begun.” This is the opinion of not only Bill Horbaly, CEO of Connected Technology in Rocklin, CA, but of many dreamers, engineers, environmentalists, and now, the common man.

To take a complicated matter and state it simply, the size of the electrical panel on your house determines how much electricity is available for the things you want to power. Often, smaller and older homes don’t have a large enough panel to support the high electrical demands of an EV charger. Without an energy management product like the new DCC-10, the only other option for high speed EV charging at home is an expensive upgrade of the electrical panel to support more power.

The Campus Commons neighborhood of Sacramento contains homes with small electrical panels making it difficult to safely add a high power EV charger. DCC Technology’s DCC-10, allows the high electrical requirement of an EV charger to be safely added to a small panel like those found in Campus Commons. It does this by monitoring the amount of electricity being used in the home and only allowing EV charging to occur only when the electrical usage is low enough to be safe. This works well for most homes as electric vehicles are usually charged at night when little electricity is being used.

Richard Hughes, retired professor, Campus Commons resident, and Tesla Motors Club Moderator, is the first in Sacramento to use the DCC-10 to safely facilitate the installation of an EV charger for his brand new Tesla Model 3. Hughes hired Connected Technology for the job, a local electrical contractor recommended by Tesla for EV installations. “Connected Technology cared enough to explain the issues and offer a solution with the DCC-10,” says Hughes. Hughes, now in his 80s, joined the EV revolution with a recent purchase of a bright red Tesla Model 3. “Their service has been much appreciated.”

The DCC-10, and DCC-9 for condominium applications, expertly installed by Connected Technology, is about half the cost of an electrical panel upgrade, providing access for many, with more to join the EV revolution.


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