Connected Technology designs Smart Homes that Save!

Save Energy and Money with a Smart Home Installation. We provide elegant, efficient, and secure solutions using connected products for your home.

But a few things set us apart.

First, our Smart Home installations focus on energy savings. In partnership with JLM energy, we offer many energy saving options that focus on your homes’ special needs. Shouldn’t every smart home manage its energy? After all, this saves your money as you save energy.

Second, Connected Technology provides celebrated customer service like no other. Our customers love their homes and the way we treat them matches their own feelings.

Let our experts give you more reasons to fall in love with your home! 

Serving the greater Sacramento area.

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C20 HVAC Contractor’s License

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C7 Low Voltage Systems Contractor’s License

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Connected Technology aiming for convenience, ease in smart homes
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What About the Cat?

Meet Bella.  She used to be a bit frantic, but tried to keep it all inside; always pretending on the outside that things were calm on the inside.  However, we, her family, know that she worries about us.  We run around through our hectic lives and sometimes we forget things.  Sometimes we forget to lock the door, turn off the lights, set back the thermostat or close the garage.  We needed a change, and Bella knew it.

Now, thanks to products offered we install in our business, our doors get locked, the lights get turned off, the thermostat is set back, and the garage door is closed.  We don’t do anything different; our lives are still hectic.  But now, Bella can relax because the important things are done, automatically.  Without learning any new skills, our house is safe and secure.  She is now a cool cat in a smart house.  Once again, the Connected Technology, Smart Homes that Save! have saved something else, Bella’s sanity.

Smart Home Installation
Smart Home Installation
Smart Home Installation
Smart Home Installation


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