Smart Home Services

Celebrated Service is the heart of Connected Technology. Let us make your home into a Smart Home that Saves! Save time, energy, money, hassle and frustration as your life becomes more secure, more peaceful, more efficient and just easier.

Examples of services we offer are below, but we offer many more as well. Make an appointment for a free estimate to design an elegant, adaptable solution for your home.

Make your home look occupied, even when it’s not. Monitor your smart home and control access from anywhere, without the monthly fee!

From Energy Monitoring to Learning Thermostats to Whole House Surge Protection and Battery Storage, get a free quote to design and install a personalized energy management solution for your home.

Get professional design and installation of a variety of products available to make the most of watching a movie or listening to your favorite music. Do you have a simple, or complex, networking need? You can hire Connected Technology to design and install a safe, secure network.

Connected Technology’s water detection systems can automatically shut off the water to your entire home, or just in one area when a leak is detected.

Maximize energy savings with Smart Systems that control temperature and humidity while cleaning your air.

Connected Technology’s “Smart Homes That Save!” systems can customize lighting that changes as your needs change.