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Phazr Microstorage Battery System

Whole House Battery Storage

Every time a homeowner installs solar, the utility company loses a customer. Due to the high rate at which people are switching to solar, the utility companies have adjusted rates to try and defend itself. The rates have decreased during the day when solar is produced, and increased in the evening when solar production has stopped. By adding storage to a solar system you can significantly increase the value of your solar generation. Your storage batteries store solar power generated during cheap power times, and release it for use or sale during the expensive power times. Phazr microstorage technology allows a simple, easy way for homeowners to get e-storage benefits…the battery mounts to the back of the solar panel and is charged directly from the solar panel. No electrician needed! This smart product optimizes solar production to save the customer the most amount of money every day, and the Measurz monitoring software that comes with it tells you exactly how much you have saved each day…tracking your energy use and production in one second increments.

Whole house systems are available for folks without solar as well.

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