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Security systems aren’t what they used to be. Be in control of your own system without being tied to the large corporations and the large monthly fees.

With Connected Technology’s “Smart Homes That Save!” we customize your system to save just what you need; your time, your property, your money, your family.From a simple notice that you left your garage door open to full house monitored systems, call Connected Technology for a free quote to design and install an elegant, adaptable, personalized home security solution for your individual needs.

Connected, smart, Kwikset door locks, connected with the SmartThings hub, allow security at an unprecedented level. Create codes that only work at certain times of the day or week, instead of sharing keys that can work anytime.

Make your house look like you are home whether or not you are, simply and easily, with no new skills to learn! This panel allows you to monitor your home and add security monitoring if you wish.

We compare ease of use, price, installation and more.

Smart home products from Connected Technology can help manage your property more effectively, saving you time and money.

Weatherproof and tamper-resistant, this camera can alert you to who’s there, up to 50 feet away. It’s a seriously smart outdoor security camera.

Ready for a refreshing alternative to home security? Arm and disarm your home however you like.

Get this comprehensive home security solution that can be installed in minutes.

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