The Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell

We Compare Ease of Use, Price, Installation and More

Nest Hello vs. Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell vs. Nest Hello

We’ve been interested in and excited about the new Nest Hello video doorbell.  After installing a few for our customers, we have applied our keen, inquisitive minds to it’s installation and operation.  As well, we have listened to our customers’ comments about their Nest Hello and their Ring Video Doorbell what they have found.  We hope this info is helpful as you decide which you may choose.  Any questions, just ask!  We are happy to help!

Both doorbells are innovative and creative.

Nest belongs to the Nest ecosystem with the Nest thermostat as the initial product.  The original designer was an Apple engineer who brought the great design and aesthetics of Apple.  But then, purchased by Google, it now has the creativity and support of the Google team which will always provide innovative advancement for a growing platform.

The Ring, represents the best of a true hi-tech startup; developed in a garage as one great idea and slowly improved one doorbell after another.  The Ring ecosystem is growing too, with the focus still on camera varieties.  But, the real news is that Amazon recently purchased Ring.  This means that the Ring product line will continue to evolve with the practically unlimited investment ability of Amazon.  We are anxious to see what Ring has in store for the future.

Either way, there isn’t a long-term lack of support risk that is present in other, lesser known, off brand products.  We have all purchased products and have had problems only to find that support is no longer available.  That is an unlikely scenario with Nest or Ring.

We have picked a few key areas to compare the two.  Our experience is primarily with the Ring Pro, and that is the Ring that we prefer, feeling that it is the best of the Ring Video Doorbell options.  Therefore, we will be considering the Ring Pro in our comparisons below.


The retail price between the two units is comparable, $229 for the Nest Hello and $240 for the Ring Pro.  But, the hidden price is in the subscription fees.  Both doorbells provide live video without a subscription.  However, to store or share the video, you need to pay a monthly fee.  The monthly fees are reasonable, but less for the Ring. For 60 days of recording, the cost is $3 per month or $30 per year per camera for Ring or $10 per month $100 per year for unlimited number of cameras in one location.  The Nest has a range of plans from $5 to $30 per month per camera or $50 to $300 per year per camera with 5 to 30 days of storage.  The Ring is obviously a better value.

The remarkable difference is that the Ring is fully functional without the subscription.  The Nest, however, has a feature that is available only with subscription, facial recognition… more about that later.


Nest Hello

Ring Pro


There are two installation differences between the Ring Pro and Nest Hello.  The first is size, the second are necessary installation components.  In addition, both have a high dependence upon a really great WiFi connection.  We recommend a strong mesh network like the Google WiFi as cameras really use a lot of bandwidth.  Rarely do we find that ISP bandwidth is an issue, but we do recommend 4MBPS per camera upload speed.  I don’t need to mention it, but these both require smartphone, tablet or computer apps to make them work and of course the viewing devices need a strong internet connection too.

Both Nest Hello and Ring Pro install easily and work properly if you have a correctly operating mechanical chime. 

The size of the Ring is larger than the Nest.  At first, this seems like it’s a problem, being that the Nest is thin and beautiful.  But, push buttons for mechanical doorbells are a standard size.  When you pull them off the wall, there is a hole.  The Ring is large enough to cover this hole, but the Nest is not.  Meaning that you must patch the hole in the wall when you use the Ring.  A good stucco patch is hard to do.  In my mind, the larger Ring doorbell is more aesthetically pleasing than a beautiful Nest doorbell mounted on an ugly stucco patch.

Both doorbells install easily and work properly if you have a correctly operating mechanical chime.  The voltage range of a typical doorbell transformer will support either doorbell.  Even though we don’t recommend it, the Ring will work without a mechanical chime, the Nest will not.

For either doorbell, we recommend that a complete, working, mechanical doorbell makes the best foundation for a good doorbell installation.

Ease of Use

Both doorbells have excellent user interface on the smart phone app, tablet or computer.  Both offer very similar features.  But, there are two significant differences.  The first is that the Nest provides 24/7 live streaming which is a nice feature.  But, the second is notifications.

This is where our customer comments really make a difference.  We have had several customers who have changed their Ring doorbells for the Nest Hello.  The primary reason has to do with the notifications.  Nest does a far superior job of handling notifications; the facial recognition just being icing on the cake.  This is important because the number one complaint we receive about any smart camera that we install is the difficulty of controlling notifications.  In fact, many people just turn the notifications off.  Yet, this is why we buy video doorbells; we want to know when someone is at the door.  Enough said.



So, if you are looking for the best value for the dollar, the Ring is the way to go.  But, if you don’t mind a rough patch behind your doorbell, the Nest has better features, especially if you are willing to pay the extra subscription fee.

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