Ring Alarm System Installations

The Ring Alarm Keypad

The Connected Technology team is excited to offer Ring Alarm System installations.  This product provides a comprehensive home security solution that Connected Technology can install in your home in minutes. Ring offers a completely free plan so you can self-monitor your home for no charge.

If you prefer professional 24/7 home monitoring, professional monitoring plans are very affordable. (As of 8/2019, they start at just $3 per month).  Even better, there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees with Ring.

We also like the Neighbors App that comes with Ring. This app helps serve as a neighborhood watch that lets neighbors view real-time safety and crime alerts directly from neighbors that have Ring equipment. This helps keep entire neighborhoods safer.

Some Key Features of the Ring Alarm System

  •  Wireless & Cellular Monitoring

  • Intrusion Protection

  •  Environmental Protection

  •  Low Monitoring Fees

  •  Home Automation

  •  Wi-Fi and 3G Cell Alerts

Ring Alarm Packages

The Ring Alarm Indoor Security Kit is the basic product. It provides protection for the whole home and is a simple, easy way to get setup.

Let Connected Technology customize your Ring Security System to meet your special needs. Some options include:

  • Keypad – Allows you to arm and disarm your system from within the home.
  • Motion Detection – Detect motion within your home, but it also has features to help limit false alarms.
  • Contact Sensors – Added to windows and doors to send you security messages when someone opens them.
  • Range Extender – extends the range of your signal if needed.

More options continue to come available.

If you need help with installation, or are in need of other Smart Home, electrical, or heating and air conditioning assistance, then email  Connected Technology or give us a call at 916-824-1800!