Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which President Biden signed into law on August 16, 2022, offers tax credits and rebates to consumers who buy clean vehicles and appliances or take other steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Some consumers may qualify for more than $10,000 in financial incentives.


The IRA is loaded with incentives to electrify your home, including up-front discounts, tax credits and low-cost financing. Connected Technology is committed to helping you stay informed so that you can save while working to electrify your home.


Some of these savings begin immediately, while some won’t go into effect until 2023. We will work with customers to create a long-term plan to maximize the benefits while electrifying your home.

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IRA Products that Connected Technology Can Install For You


• 30% tax credit • Available now

Home Battery

• 30% tax credit • Available now

EV Charger

• 30% up to $1,000 tax credit • Income dependent after 12/31/22

Electrical Wiring

• $2500 rebate • Income dependent • Available 2023​

Electrical Panel

• $4000 Rebate (income dependent) • Up to $600 tax credit if installed with a qualifying product like a heat pump OR 30% tax credit if installed with solar. •Available 2023

What do you qualify for?

The website for Rewiring America provides a calculator and detailed information about available tax credits and rebates. Visit the link below for more information.

IRA Energy-Related Frequently Asked Questions

One of the bill’s main goals is to address climate change and slow down global warming. The IRA brings down upfront costs of electric products to help Americans “go green.” provides a calculator to determine what you qualify for.

In most cases, yes. Locally, SMUD and Roseville Electric have programs in place that can help offset these costs. If you have a specific question, call our office and we’d be happy to help you figure it out. 

The Residential Clean Energy Credit (the solar and battery piece of the IRA) is set to extend to 2032. The High-Efficiency Electrical Homes Rebates will have available funds through September 30, 2031.

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